Folks this is my last post for the blog. We’ve covered some serious issues, looking at the impact of emergent media on activism in Australia and overseas. So, signing off I’d like to take things down a notch. I’m certain many of us believe the most important role social media has in our lives is […]

In my previous post I talked about the how popular commentators, Malcom Gladwell and Micah White believe the dominance of so-called ‘clicktivism’ is destroying the spirit of activism. Thanks to all of my readers for your comments and feedback. You’ve put forward some excellent arguments both for and against the clicktivism model of activism and […]

On Tuesday this week the Minister for Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry, Tony Burke announced Cabinet signed off a plan to prevent the super-trawler Abel Tasman (previously known as the FV Margiris) from fishing in Australian waters until further environmental research is undertaken. If you’ve been following the super-trawler issue you’ll know it’s been the campaign […]

There has been a hive of feminist activism on the web in the past few weeks, so I’ve decided to share two excellent examples that caught my eye. My previous post talked about how Russian feminist punks and their supporters are using social media networks to raise awareness of the Russian government’s denial of the […]

On Friday 17 August, three members of the Russian feminist punk group Pussy Riot were sentenced to two years imprisonment for hooliganism. Their performance inside a Moscow cathedral protesting the Orthodox Church’s support for Russian president Vladimir Putin in March this year saw three of the group members arrested after a video of the performance […]

Welcome to my blog, Social Media and Activism, a place to discuss emergent communication practices and their impact on activism. Hello to my University of Technology Sydney, Rethinking Media classmates and to anyone else who takes the time to read my thoughts. I look forward to generating some hearty discussions with my readers. Your comments, […]